is an Alumni of the University of Cambridge having completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business in 2008 and a Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership in 2014. He holds a Doctor of Business Administration Degree from the European University, Switzerland 2016. He also has a Diploma in International Management and Advanced Management Program at the INSEAD Business School in (France). He is an Executive in Residence at the INSEAD Social Innovation centre since September 2010 and Chairman/CEO of Global Strategic Corporate Sustainability Pvt.Ltd. His career with Multi-nationals spanned 1981-2003, Unilever, Smithkline Beecham International covering Africa, Middle East and Asia in CEO/Business Development positions 1981-2007.

He was the first CEO of the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology 2008-2011 & Operations Director of the Malaysia Blue Ocean Strategy Institute 2011-2016 & was the UN Global Compact Focal point for Sri Lanka 2007-2011. In terms of work exposure he has worke in FMCG, Healthcare, apparel & Nanotechnology. In terms of assessment of sectors and embedding sustainability/ ESG in corporate strategy in addition to the sectors he has worked in, his work with NSEAD/Cedep/UN Global Compact and numerous Boards covered other sectors focused in Asia i.e. National sustainability strategy reviews for Singapore (INSEAD Case 2012), Malaysia (sustainable tourism), Vietnam (Pharmaceuticals and Apparel) Planta-tions (Aitken Spence) and urban sustainable apartments (Fairway Holdings), Leasing and Finance (Lanka Orix Leas-ing Company) Cedep (EU Management develop initiative) based at INSEAD has contracts with many French MNC‟s. Since 2014 he worked with L‟Oreal, Valeo, Renault/Nissan‟s Asia Pacific management cadre‟s each year in June / July in Shanghai to challenge and sensitize them to Climate change risks to their supply chain. In terms of ongoing projects he is currently involved in working with the European Investment bank, Luxembourg to develop an INSEAD Case Study by reviewing EIB‟s commitment to investing in Sustainable projects in the EU and Asia as they mobilize the Euro 88 Billion budget to impact the UNSDG‟s.

He has developed the following unique Sustainability/ESG assessment and Strategy embedding tools /matrix for his Masters and Doctoral studies:

1) UN SDG/SCS Embedding Matrix – To help define which 1-3 of the 17 UNSDG each business and Industry should engage and impact
2) Strategic Corporate Sustainability – 7 Imperatives for Sustainable business –An assessment tool to identify which imperatives a business needs to focus on to „embed sustainability /ESG‟. 3) Strategic Management of Risk – Impact of Climate Change Risk on Sectorial Supply Chains
4) Strategic Management of Sustainability led-Opportunity – Creating New Sustainable Blue Ocean Market spaces in the emerging sectors of Nanotechnology, Sustainable Tourism, Apparel and Agriculture) In September 2007, he won a “Global Strategy Leadership award” at the World Strategy Summit for his work in the Apparel and Plantation sectors.
In November 2015, he published „Strategic Corporate Sustainability – 7 Imperatives for Sustainable business‟ (Partridge: Penguin Random House), based on his work at Cambridge University