Mr. Mário César Martins de Camargo

Mario Cesar was the CEO and President of Grafica Bandeirantes, a major printing and media complex in Brazil with annual revenue of about US$ 30 million. In the last 8 years, Mario has been active as a consultant for the printing industry in Brazil. A prominent leader in the printing industry, Mario has engaged in several leadership roles throughout his career:

1988-1992 President of the Brazilian Association of Printing Technology (BAPT)
1995-2001 President of Brazilian Association of Printing Industry (BAPI) – SP Branch
1998-2001 First Vice-President of BAPI – National
1998-2001 President of the board of directors of BAPT 2001-2011 National President of BAPI
2009-2013 First Vice-President of Latin America Confederation of Printing Industries (Conlatingraf) Previously in 1975 he was a member of the National Honor Society and in 1977 had completed a professional internship with M.A.N. Roland in Offenbach, Germany. Mario Cesar completed his high school education in the USA in Saint Paul, Minnesota and graduated in Business Administration from Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Brazil.

1979 and from Faculdade de Direito de Sao Bernardo do Campo, a top law school in Brazil. Mario has been the representative and spokesperson for the Brazilian printing Industry in such events as Comprint ( Europe), DRUPA ( Germany), IPEX ( England), PRINT (Chicago ), GOA ( Florida), World Print Congress ( Rio, Capetown), and has articles regularly published in major Brazilian newspapers on printing industry issues; Mario Cesar was also a runner-up to the “ Entrepreneur of the Year” 2001, an ErnstYoung initiative to recognize leadership in industry and service in Brazil, as well as recipient of Printing Man of the Year 2004 Graphprint magazine, Communications Executive of the Year 2005 ( Conlatingraf), Man of the Year 2006 National Association of Paper Retailers, Printer Leader of the Americas 2005, Printing Association of Florida, Global Presidential Print Award, NPES USA 2009 He is an active member of Rotary International and currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Rotary Foundation. Recently he was nominated to serve as Board Director of the organization.