One-day Workshop on Costing and Estimating Using Excel

Workshop on Costing and Estimating Using Excel

Workshop focusing computer based costing and estimating using Excel for small scale printers, was held on 8th June 2019 at the premises of Sri Lanka Association of Printers at Thalahena, Malabe. Mr. Rohana Sirimanna, Head of department of Printing and vice principal of Technical College PNG MIQA (UK), MIQA (Aust). MPRI(UK), who possess over 30 years experiences in printing as well as exposure in printing academies abroad, conducted the workshop.
The objective of the workshop was to enlighten the small scale printers about the facilities available in Excel software package, and how to utilize the available facilities in costing and estimations. The knowledge, small scale printers gained from the workshop would enable the printers and their staff, who prepare the cost estimations manually, to shift from manual preparation to computer-based cost estimation.
The owners of printing presses and the supervisors in printing presses need to study costing for the purpose of cost recovery and cost control. The study of a scientific method of costing will give them proper guidance as to how the maximum utilization of the resources of the factory can be achieved and do away with wastages in time and money. With the encouraging response received from small scale printers, SLAP has taken initiative to conduct 3-moth course on ‘Cost and Estimate by Excel’, which provides a comprehensive package covering all aspects in cost estimation and control.

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