Sri Lanka Print 2018

Sri Lanka Print’ 2018 is the highly anticipated event in a biennial calendar of Sri Lanka Printing Industry. This year the event will be organized during the period of 15th to 18th of March 2018 with wider domestic and international participation owing to the previous success of of Collate that was held amidst much fanfare and media buzz along with a great turnout. Participants may look forward to so much more at this year’s Collate such as a larger number of stalls of which an overwhelming portion would include international trade stalls. This will carry greater variety for the event than before.Earlier the event was referred to as Collate. But, it transformed as “Sri Lanka Print” due to the ethical lobbying of our President Mr. Ranjith Fernando.

Now, it has been recognized as an event of national importance for the country and the new name reflect the importance of the event at National & International level. The event theme of going global is in alignment with the vision of our government of transforming Sri Lanka to a hub due to its strategic location and to communicate the need of expansion with consolidation of printing industry of Sri Lanka. The grand event will incorporate an exhibition, conference and a print excellence awards. Further details could be made available by entering the relevant section below.

Sri Lanka Print’ 2018 Launch

The Inauguration Ceremony of Sri Lanka Print’ 2018 was held on the 24th of November 2017 with the participation of the members of the printing community in Sri Lanka along with the President of Sri Lanka Association of Printers, Mr. Ranjith Fernando and the Sri Lanka Print 2018 chairman Mr. Lal Jayawardena.

Chairman's Message

The times are changing for the Sri Lankan printing industry. The world is changing, every industry in the world is facing massive disruption and every early adopter of new and innovative practices has thrived and been able to become market leaders creating immense value towards economies of their respective countries.

Sri Lanka Print 2018, is the mission of Sri Lankan printing industry opening its doors to transform towards becoming a global printing hub. We believe this to not just be a journey for Sri Lanka Association of Printers and the overall Printing Industry of Sri Lanka. We believe this is an endeavor that belongs to the entire country, as becoming a global printing hub would create previously unexplored avenues of attracting bigger businesses and foreign revenue to the country. It would also enable Sri Lanka to grow in many sectors fueled by the world’s leading brands coming to Sri Lanka.

We have many plans to support our members in achieving this plan and the very first step is the Sri Lanka Print 2018. Alongside this, many other programmes are in place to both train and prepare the members on how to transform their business from a local focus to a global one. We also want to make sure, there is more focus on high quality products over quantity.

With a membership that has always been one of the most talented and committed and with a firm commitment to uplift the Sri Lankan printing industry we are confident that we will be able to fully reap the benefits of the immense opportunity that lay ahead of us.

Mr. Lal Jayewardena
Secretary  & Chairman of Sri Lanka Print’ 2018

Sri Lanka Print 2018 Exhibition

National Print Conference

Print Excellence Awards

Print 2018 Floor Plan