Why Digitalization Will Prove Crucial In The Printing Industry In The Coming Decades?

Printing Industry has been an early adopter of technology for its operations for many years. With its demand higher quality and efficiency driving countless innovation and growth for the digital methods to be implemented in the industry, Printing has been one of the key areas for digitization. However, the digital technology has advanced in many facets and is today also responsible for a decline of printing as the world is shifting more towards digital products.

Despite this setback, digitalization has provided many opportunities for the printing industry to adapt and thrive. One of the key areas that digitalization could help is in using state of the art machinery, which has the potential to deliver low cost and higher quality work mainly by reducing the operational costs such as extensive labor forces and also by reaching higher cost-effectiveness at mass scales as well as individual volumes.

In areas such as packaging the use of high technology equipment means that the industry would be able to cater to a retail packaging market and to capture the market niche. In the case of Sri Lanka, this would be a prime opportunity to rapidly use technology and combine it with decades of printing experience to gain an upper hand on some of the regional competitors as well as completely gain a stronghold in certain markets which does not yet possess the ability to adopt such technologically advanced machinery.

This will no doubt open up more avenues to increase productivity in the printing industry through better automation, lower wastage and enable considerably improved workflows which will ensure that each printing operator is able to operate on optimum levels.

Another area that remains ripe for the digitization is the potential to form a network of printing. The idea has been discussed many times however yet to be implemented. With the advent of technology many scattered printing operations could combine to establish a network which will enable more specializations as well speedier delivery of products. With the use of technology, such a network could not only be swiftly managed but also deliver very lucrative dividends.

It could be easier to view digital as a threat to the printing industry with good reason. However, while digital has been able to replace some of the printing industry’s most lucrative areas, what it has really managed to do is to transform only an aspect of promotions. However, the many other benefits that technology brings is at our fingertips.

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