AGM 2017

New committee headed by Mr. Ranjith Fernando as president took over their positions during the SLAP Annual General Meeting’ 2017 held at Hilton Colombo.

Regional Print Awards’ 2017

The Biennial prestigious event of Sri Lanka Printers Association was held on 19th March 2017. The event draw a large number of entries from all over the country and large crowd attended the event which made it a grand success

Galle Workshop

Sri Lanka Printers Association under the guidance of the new president, continues to educate the printers spread all across the country. Under the present committee, the first outstation workshop was held in Galle on 11th November 2017. It…

State of Printing industry in the world

Printing remains one of the key sectors of the world economy with an ever-increasing market share gain year on year, according to Smithers Pira the worldwide authority on the packaging, paper and print industry supply chains. According to…

Sri Lanka Print Industry and Challenges ahead

Sri Lankan printing industry has a rich and vibrant heritage dating back hundreds of years. However, what is to be taken as the modern printing can be from the post-independence era. Until then the printing was largely restricted to a few…