Presidents Message

Sri Lanka has been and is the home to a vibrant printing industry over the years. Since 1956, SLAP has strived to advance the cause of the Sri Lankan printing industry and this is a cause that has brought many achievements to the industry.

We share a proud history, a history shared and lead by 22 Presidents over the years with the participation and the contribution of thousands of members. These members have given so much to bring the industry where it is today and while we recognize the immense contributions that has been, todaywe face another challenge and an even greater opportunity.

In Sri Lanka we have for a number of years felt the pressures of a saturated marketplace, where many companies operate in the printing industry. With the change in demand patterns combined with an ever-reducing low volumes the Sri Lankan printing is at a crossroads. We could continue this way and lose even more ground or it is time for all of us to make the next step and lead Sri Lankan printing to even greater heights than its golden years in the past.

The global printing industry has changed massively over the years and even today there exists a huge potential in printing. For Sri Lanka however much of the printing we were dependent on being the Tea based products and garments, these have reduced. It is estimated that global printing industry will reach $213.4 Billion by 2020. Needless to say, this is a market share we’ve yet to tap into fully.

With the consumer patterns driving the packaging industry, these figures are likely to go even higher and we can expect significant growth in the Asia pacific region as income levels develop in the middle class of this region. We have a unique opportunity to cater to especially the Asian region due to Sri Lanka’s strategic location but also act as a hub for the European and US markets as well. In that regard we already have one of the finest bases to succeed.

Thus, Sri Lanka Association of Printers will from this year continue the mission of going global with Sri Lankan printing industry. We expect this to be a long and arduous journey with many challenges but also an exciting one as it will open up many new doors for our members and the industry as a whole.