Dawning the Epoch of Excellence:
Sri Lanka Print 2023 and National Print Awards 2023

By Lakshitha Seneviratne-Association Secretary-Sri Lanka Association of Printers

Amidst an aura of anticipation and palpable excitement, the illustrious Sri Lanka Print 2023 and the eagerly awaited National Print Awards 2023 organised by the Sri Lanka Association of Printers were launched with resplendent grandeur. This magnificent event transpired on the 18th of August 2023 at the opulent Water’s Edge Hotel, Battaramulla, marking an auspicious juncture in the annals of Sri Lanka’s esteemed printing industry.

Eminently gracing the occasion as the vanguard of support and prestige, Konica Minolta Sri Lanka, bedecked in the mantle of the main sponsor, bore the standard of the event. The embodiment of corporate eminence, Mr. Shaun Setho, the erudite and visionary Country Head of Konica Minolta Sri Lanka, lent his august presence to this symphony of excellence.

In consonance with Konica Minolta Sri Lanka’s resplendent commitment, the platinum sponsor, KWO Printing Needs (Pvt) Ltd, under the stewardship of the sagacious Mr. Kumar Welengoda, the Managing Director par excellence, amplified the splendour of this inaugural extravaganza. Their investment in this event underscores the inextricable link between innovation and the pursuit of excellence.

Radiating golden rays of support, JDC Print Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, represented by the astute Mr. Dinesh Merwin, the CEO extraordinaire, joined hands as one of the gold sponsors. Their participation is emblematic of their unwavering dedication to pushing the frontiers of printing technology.

Likewise, Advanced Printing Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, under the able guidance of Mr. Udaya Hettiarachchi, the indomitable Managing Director, graced the event as yet another golden sponsor, symbolizing their commitment to the artistry of printing. Their contribution heralds a new dawn in the synergy of technology and print.

Aptly themed “Striving for Excellence,” Sri Lanka Print 2023 presents an illustrious canvas wherein the confluence of art and technology unfurls. This theme resonates with the essence of the printing fraternity’s relentless pursuit of perfection, an unswerving quest for excellence that fuels innovation and fosters growth.

The resounding significance of the National Print Awards 2023 lies not only in its arrival but in its much-anticipated return after a hiatus of three years. This landmark event has become an integral part of Sri Lanka’s printing landscape, a resounding testament to the industry’s vibrancy, resilience, and dynamism. The fervent anticipation of this event echoes throughout the fraternity, as it promises to be a spectacle of recognition and celebration.

In summation, Sri Lanka Print 2023 and the National Print Awards 2023 unfurl their grandeur, magnificence, and profound significance in the heart of the printing domain. The sponsors, driven by a shared commitment to excellence, stand as beacons illuminating the path toward progress and innovation.

As the Sri Lankan printing industry gathers to honour its best and brightest, we find ourselves at the threshold of a new epoch—one resplendent with promise, potential, and, above all, an unwavering dedication to the relentless pursuit of excellence.