Presidents Message

As the Sri Lanka Association of Printers enters another Executive Committee Calendar Term for 2019 / 2020, it is an immense honour for me to have been elected as the President of the Apex body of Printing in Sri Lanka as of July 1st, 2019.

It is a personal milestone very close to my heart to have being bestowed the post of President of the S L A P, as I celebrate 40 years this year, in the printing industry as an owner of a printing outfit.

Printing has being my passion and life since my childhood, as my mothers’ family has been in printing since the 1930’s. I consider it my personal responsibility to ensure that the printing industry sustains its’ presence amidst the current trends of a technological revolution that
promotes a paperless world and an on-line transformation that could reduce the need for print. The need of the hour is to establish the vital importance of printing and packaging of consumer products to revolutionize marketing and to use the technological advancement to the advantage of creating new solutions, for the current digitized world. Thus increasing the potential of printing to be risen to the next level of productivity as a cost-effective option to be marketed to the entire world.

The geographical position of Sri Lanka and the logistic affluence of connectivity along with the outstanding capacity of knowledge, talent and ability of the Sri Lankan Printing workforce, we strongly believe that creative design logistics, patenting intellectual property marketing and
quality printing could be harnessed to ensure that Sri Lanka becomes ‘The Print Hub of Asia’.


‘The Print Hub of Asia’ has been chosen as the theme of the S L A P for 2019 / 2020 and we are ready to establish a platform to achieve the target and destination of Sri Lanka – The Print Hub of Asia. We cordially invite all printers, supply chain stake holders of the print industry, all citizens to visit our on-line website and interact with us, to secure the best possible benefits from the single largest and widest industry that covers every aspect of life from the point of Birth to the passing away of an individual and every step of the way of Life in between – The Printing & Packaging Industry.

The SLAP is committed to enrich the print workforce and fraternity with knowledge, expertise, internship and opportunity to enhance technological, marketing, accounting and soft skills through extensive training & development workshop seminars and modules in the ensuing year. Please browse our website for updates and information on opportunities and knowledge ensuring our theme for 2019 / 2020 – Sri Lanka the Print Hub of Asia. Wishing all members, print owners and stake holders of the print industry a fruitful and meaningful year ahead, we invite school leavers and youth looking for a bright enterprising career path to familiarize yourself with the print industry and we at the Sri Lanka Association of Printers welcome you to be part of the celebration of Sri Lanka – The Print Hub of Asia. Blessings for an amazing 2019 / 2020 with the SLAP,

Delan F Silva
President – 2019 / 2020