Why Asia And OBOR Represents The Biggest Opportunity For Printing Industry Of Sri Lanka

China’s one belt one road initiative is a plan to form a single transportation route using the ancient silk route. China is expected to invest USD 900 billion to the OBOR and it aims to connect 65 countries in the world to one another and to other parts of the world. Of the Sea based Silk Route, Sri Lanka remains a vital strategic position requiring all the traffic to pass through Sri Lanka.

This represents a massive opportunity for Sri Lankan Print Industry due to many reasons. Chief among which is the expanded marketplaces it will provide. These markets possess over 65% of the world population and will also account to over 25% of worlds GDP.  OBOR will connect Asia to Europe as well as Africa and Sri Lanka can act as a hub in many areas.

Where Sri Lankan printing companies can find opportunities is by looking at countries where the printing industry has yet to mature to level of Sri Lanka and also to match the quality of Sri Lankan printers. Due to being a mature market Sri Lankan printer will have the innate ability to offer a superior product at a very competitive price point.

Sri Lanka has for many years supplied the international markets with packaging and labeling printing, due to tea and garment exports and still retains the same level of skill within the industry. The same skills and processes can easily be transferrable to any retail products and will create a pathway towards achieving higher margins through potential access to many more product lines. This will also alleviate the risk factor by diversification of the product ranges on offer.

Sri Lanka already possesses some of the best printing technologies in the region as well as equipment. Due to this Sri Lanka already is on its way to matching the capacity to act as a global printing hub, the only requirement is for Sri Lankan Printers to step to the plate and drive the mission forward.

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